2021 Earth.Org Global Photography Competition for photographers

Earth.Org Global Photography Competition for photographers

Everything you need to know about Earth.Org Global Wildlife & Natural World Photography Competition 2021.

Competition Details

Earth.Org invites explorers, adventure travellers, professional photographers and photographers working on the front line of wildlife conservation across the world to submit their photographs for the following categories:

  • 6 of the best photos from the two categories will be judged for the Overall Winner
  • Overall Best Environmental Photo

You can submit up to a maximum of 3 photos per category. Photograph entries must be under 25 MB and must be submitted in .jpg or .png format. You can check the competition winners for the past few years following this link.

Who can enter the competition?

Earth.Org Global Photography Competition is open to anyone.

Competition Entry fee

The Competition is free to enter.

Earth.Org Global Photography Competition Prizes

  • The Winner of the Earth.Org “Overall Best Environmental Photo” 2021 will be awarded with $1000 USD.
  • The Winners of the two sub-categories Earth.Org “Wildlife in Peril” 2021 and Earth.Org “Human Impacts on the Environment” 2021 will be awarded with $250 USD each.
  • All Winners will be invited to take over the Earth.Org Instagram for a week each.

Application Guide

Only online submissions will be accepted. To enter The Earth.Org Global Photography Competition 2021, entrants must submit their best 3 photographs for each category (e.g max 9 altogether) by completing the online Entrance Form below by April 4th, 2021.

Please use the following format for submitting your photos: “Category_Name”. 

Judges will value the unusual, the dramatic –  viewpoints not seen before; so originality will play a vital part in the way judges will view your submission. There will be one Winner in each Category, carefully selected by three judges (to be announced).


Competition Deadline

The registration period ends on April 4 – 2021.

Winners will be announced on our website and notified via email by April 25th, 2021.

Competition Website

You can check the competition website following this link.

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2021 Earth.Org Global Photography Competition for photographers
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